Derba MIDROC Cement (DMC) and other incumbent and new entrants have played significant role in unlocking this fresh perspective that altered the subdued picture of the past, which without exaggeration was a fact of life just less than a year ago. The progress that has been made, in the sector, did not come that easy. There were ups and downs, trying at times. The determination and courage for success and change, from all stakeholders, government, private investors and consumers alike, have, however, won the war. DMC is inspired by this acheivement and is more determined than ever to contribute its share in unleashing the full potentials of the cement sector in Ethiopia. Our motto is to lay down the foundations of tomorrow by earnestly laboring today, with dexterity of course. We aim to realize this motto in a caring and responsible manner by recognizing the social and environmental impacts of our activities. We will discharge our corporate responsibilities in earnest and play our role in the creation of a modern and prosperous Ethiopia.

Haile Assigdie

Chief Executive Director


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