Derba MIDROC Cement

Derba Midroc Cement (DMC) is a green field cement plant based in the Muger valley some 70 kms north-west of Addis Ababa. The present performance test based clinker production capacity is 5,600tons per day (8,000 tons of PPC cement per day) with annual cement production capacity standing at 2.5 million tons. The plant produces ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and Portland pozzolana cement (PPC) with mix of OPC: PPC at 30:70. The products  meet the requirement of the Ethiopian National Standard No.En-197.

The main raw material deposits are spread across the valley where the plant is located. Four high capacity belt conveyers of 6.3 KMs, the longest in Africa, have been erected to transport of raw materials uphill to the plant and to the pre-blending stockpiles. The limestone crusher is robust design with a capacity of 1,100 tons per hour. The plant capacity primarily considered a mix of OPC: PPC at 30:70 and kiln run days 330 per kiln and three cement mills cater and provide the flexibility in the production of different types of cement. The process control is fully automated and ably handled by highly qualified personnel. The total investment cost of DMC is Birr 6.055 billion. This includes the capital cost for the cement plant, colony and working capital requirements. The paid up capital is Birr 500 million and is expected to employ 500 permanent and 1,500 temporary staff. DMC is the product of 5,500 engineers, technicians and laborers who are involved during its construction.

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