Vision and Mission


 Mission Statment

It is our mission to:

  •  Realize the shareholders’ objective of development oriented entrepreneurship which without a glitch works in line with the context of the nation’s economic and social policies.

  • Provide customers with high quality cement products and unmatched service delivery
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen and environmental steward whilst adding value to the community.

  • Guarantee the business objectives of the Founders through proficient, hard working and motivated work force.

Our Vision

We envision bringing about the era of abundance in cement market at an affordable price coupled with dependable customer service.  

Organizational Value 


We are committed to ethical and responsible actions that value the shareholders’ interest, guarantee customer satisfaction, espouse corporate responsibility and up hold environmental protections.

Family Unit

 It is our fundamental conviction that emplyees are the fundamental units of a company.  The safety and well being of our employees is the source of our success and hence we see our employees as a family.


Achieving high performance and excellence through new and innovative ways of doing business

Team work

 Success emanates from a collective drive for accomplishment by employees and officers alike. We value participatory management most.       

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