Corporate Citizenship


We recognize our corporate and social responsibilities and are committed to conducting our business in a manner which achieves our business objectives whilst discharging environmental, social and health and safety obligations a caring and responsible manner.

Environment Protection

We seek to minimize the environmental impacts of our activities through the prevention of pollution and waste by using scientific environmental management practices. In this undertaking, we,  at the early stage of the project,  have commisioned  environmental studies, which have been endorsed by Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). Our Environmental and Social Management Plan is in compliance with the environment and social standards of EPA and the lending banks and accordingly International Finance Corporations (IFC) has posted the ESIA in its web site This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Our undertakings in environmental protection management thus far include the following: 

Pollution and Waste Control

We have installed bag filters and electrostatic precipitator (ESP) to mitigate the emission of dust particulates. Dust collectors are installed in different areas of the production line to absorb the fine dust particles. The company employs innovative strategies to cut emissions and waste across the factory. The limit of the gases coming out of the system from the fossil fuel and limestone is controlled during mix design and operation of the kiln. We participate in Carbon Market for emissions trading to supplement its clean investment aspiration.


Water waste, which is coming out of the plant, is neutralized when it is discharged. We have installed a water treatment plant with a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane type. The treated water would be used for cooling of machinery, laboratory and   general purposes.




Efforts are underway to plant 1 million tree seedlings as buffer zone and green belt between the factory and neighbouring farm lands.  

Community Service

Apart from effecting payment amounting over Birr 54 million to compensate farmers displaced due to the project, we have undertrtaken the following community servcies to the communities neighboring our plant site.  We have carried out the following thus far: 

Access Road

Derba RoadWe have built a  20 kms  open access road from junction point near Derba town all the way to the mining site, which is open for public use. This road includes a 120 mts concrete  bridge on the river Lebu which plays a pivotal role in connecting the neighbouring communities, which used to be cut off during the rainy seasons


Health Centre

We have built a health centre, at the cost of Birr 3.2 million, which will shortly be handed over to the local community.




 DMC has created and will create awareness on preventable diseases such as HIV /AIDS and malaria

Donating  Fund

We have  set up a revolving fund amounting Birr 2.5 million for use by the local community.  The fund will be used for income generation activities by persons affected due to the project. The Suluta Wereda Office of the Oromiya Regional state in collaboration with Chancho branch of the Oromiya Credit and saving Association will manage the fund.



DMC has  donated to project affected persons dewatering system for crop farming at a cost Birr 100,000.


DMC has donated over 200, 000 ETB to the Farmers Skill Training Center at Chancho Town, Oromiya Regional State

Health and Safety

We are committed to high standard  health and safety by providing safe working conditions. We aim to achieve these through the use of health and safety management system.

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